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These are things I find interesting. Keep in mind, the key word here is "I"...


  • My girlfriend - This is a blind faith link, since there's no content as of yet.

  • LoopySoft

  • My old roommate - he's a little odd.

  • My old website

  • It's got some stuff worth keeping, but I felt like a new image.
Linux Stuff
  • Slashdot

  • A news/info source run by a Linux advocate.

  • Linux.Com

  • A Linux portal run by those wacky guys at VA Research and some former staff.

  • Linux World

  • A good news source. Has technical articles and more sophisticated news/op eds then I've seen elsewhere.

  • Linux-Center

  • A Yahoo! like interface to Linux info.

  • Linux Gazette

  • A "classic" Linux site, established, but seems a bit jaded.

  • Linux Power

  • Information Archives/Search engines

  • Linux Archive Search

  • Search Engine

  • Metalab Linux Search Engine/

  • Linux Software Database

  • Linux Documantation Project

  • Very useful for finding information on just about anything technical.

  • Linux Tips and Tricks

  • Linux Tips and Tricks

  • Fermilab Linux Repository

  • Fermilab's Linux Site

  • Linux HowTo's

  • Ifyou need to setup something in the Linux world, you consult the HOW-TOs. This is a big site with most, if not all, of those files.

  • Linux International

  • An excellent starting point for almost anything you're looking for.

  • Linux.Org

  • Duh...

  • Kernel.Org

  • Where you get the latest kernel from.

  • RedHat

  • While Linux may be free, if you're going to install it in an enterprise setting, you want support. These guys offer it, along with a lot more.

  • VA Research

  • A hardware vendor who specializes in machines built for Linux.

  • Beowulf Project

  • Cluster some off-the-shelf hardware and make your own supercomputer.

  • GNU.Org

  • GNU stands for "GNU's Not Unix". When you hear "GPL", it's the GNU Public License, go here to check it out.

  • XFree86

  • THE free X server for linux.


  • A very nice X desktop model. Gnome stands for "GNU Network Object Model Environment". Check out how it uses CORBA...

  • Apache Web Server

  • THE web server for Linux, very informative (they have a Win32 ver too).

  • Comanche

  • A HTML/Java based configurator for Apache, very useful given the flat textfile configuration of Apache (they have a win32 ver too).

  • Replay Associates

  • Your Data Security and Network Security Partner. They're your friends, trust us...

  • Security Focus

  • They host Bugtraq, and serve as a general security portal.

  • RedHat Package Management

  • This makes it REAL easy to upgrade and manage your software. Beware of people with no clue who create packages though.

  • Package Index

  • Almost every commercially viable Linux supports package management of some sort, hence the need for package files. This makes it easier to find the right ones.


  • Just "have" to run that windows program? Try running it under WINE (Wine Is Not an Emulator).

  • Linuxberg

  • Tucows made a search engine and software download site aimed at Linux users.

  • VNC

  • An excellent way to export an X display to a Win32 machine. It will also function as an X server in its own right.

  • Omni ORB

  • They also make a "High Performance CORBA 2 ORB

  • Linux Cross-Reference

  • A "general hypertext cross-referencing tool", or so they say. They use it to display source code through web pages, with hypertext links, making it easily readable...

  • Themes.Org

  • Here you'll find info about almost every window manager known to man, and info on how to customize them all.

  • K Desktop Environment

  • A free desktop for X, competes with GNOME. K relies on the QT library...

  • StarOffice Wars

  • One guy's attempt to replace MS Office with the free Linux clone, StarOffice

  • UNC's Metalab

  • A BIG site, part of the ex-sunsite group, has quite a few interesting sites.